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N°1 Loves You


N°1 Loves You is the final chapter of three emotional pop EPs. 

For this EP I wanted to dive deeper into the psyche of a break up in order to understand why people react certain ways throughout the process of having their heart broken.

Bathroom Floor is the obvious low point, filled with self pity and a lack of clarity after the loss of a relationship. It's the initial shock and flood of why's and what if's that invade our brains and hearts when something is out of our control.

On the title track, N°1 Loves You, I looked to explain the bitter overcompensation that I find most people feel after being broken up with, while still neglecting to take the time to be fully healed from the situation. To be so mad that you truly feel the need to have the last word, is a real mental state that can start to chip away at you until you realize that, no matter what you say, you're still alone. It feels desperate and pleading more than rude or even loving.

Lastly, in Nothing To Do With You, I looked to conclude the break down by finally allowing myself to move on by myself. To be able to take the time to heal and to grow and not function from a place of reaction to a person or situation, but rather, from a place of love for yourself. That is the true point to all of this music.


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